Sexual Liberated

In my line of work where men where men mostly dominate our workspace “oh you talk a lot about women’s issues,” and I didn’t understand because to me, they were really universal things But because, and I’ve heard people talking really eloquently about this about being non-white that everyone else sees something you don’t.
So when you’re talking about your subjective experience, although that’s what everyone is talking about, yours is, oh the experience of a black man, or experience of a gay person, mine was like if I’m in the shop, so I’m on the bus, a woman in the shops, a woman on the bus, so I think they thought a lot more about gender.
What if most of the work was traditionally very female dominated and then a male comes along, people would be like, “why you talking about men’s issues?”
Yea, I don’t want to hear about you wanking it, it’s disgusting, wet dreams shut up. Oh erections, No one wants to hear about that. It’s not even relevant to my life mate.
Today very special guest, from Wokingham Escorts of With Sara here I thought that we would talk about this whole idea that now that we had feminism and the women’s movement and all of that good stuff, women are sexually liberated.
I think a young woman’s given loads of contradictory messages which I think is the thing. It’s about being very attractive as kind of her currency, and people wanting to sleep with her, but then being very choosy about who that is, and then apparently she’s gotta have multiple orgasms at the same time and be like really great at it, and if you don’t and You’ve gotta be a sex goddess.
Yea and if you’re not getting there’s a pleasure then you’re letting yourself down because you’re liberated now. How as a young person now, and obviously ’cause you’re younger than me, I thought this is where it’d be interesting to be talked about, so women tend to be in their early 30s or in their 40s and their 50s, they start to talk about, “oh now I get sexual pleasure,” “and now I know what my body likes,” “now I want,” but once youI feel like I’m getting loads of messages of people being like, “wait until you’re in your 30s,”
“that’s your sexual prime.”
Yea it’s quite patronizing isn’t it as well, because obviously I’m like, I think I’m having good sex now. Yea, of course, they’re not going no that’s shit sex, you don’t even know what you’re having. Just you wait. But the reason might be, I think some people have theories about it being physiological but it might be all about confidence, which confidence and sexual pleasure go so hand in hand, like if you don’t feel like ok about your body, you can’t really let yourself go.
And I read something, it’s so interesting, maybe you’ve read it, it was, there’s a book called Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. You’ll love it so much.
But what’s really great, she talks about how with young boys no one tells them they’re expected to enjoy their first sexual experiences because the ejaculation for a man is kind of a simple mechanism.

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