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Before I hooked up with my boyfriend, I did tell him about my BDSM addiction. I am not sure what he thought at first, but he sat there and looked at me blankly. Was he surprised? Well, I decided to hit with the rest of my life as well. Coming out to tell him that I had worked for London escorts for the last four years and now run my won dungeon at a top London escorts service, came as even more of a shock to him. I thought he was going to walk out of the restaurant we were in at the time, but he did mange to calm his nerves.

Today, to my total disbelief, we have been together for six months. He has taken the fact I work for London escorts on the chin, and just got on with it. Handling your girlfriend working for a charlotte escorts agency is one thing, but living with someone who has an addiction to BDSM, can be even harder. However, unlike my other boyfriends, this guy has not run scarred at all, and we seem to be enjoying our time together.

When I first told him, he just said to me that I must be doing something normal in my everyday life. To be honest, I had to think for a moment. Then I realised that I thought that working for charlotte escorts, and being involved with BDSM was normal to me. At the same time, it dawned on me that not everyone would think working for a London escorts is normal, and when you add BDSM to that equation, my life is not that ordinary.

I had to have a think about it, but it dawned on me I did enjoy doing some “ordinary” things outside of London escorts. Spending time walking around London was one of the things I enjoyed, and I also got a kick out of vintage shopping on one of the many London markets. Sure, London escorts was a very important part of my life, and so was BDSM, but so far, both had made me rather lonely. Not all guys are keen on dating London escorts, and if this guy was prepared to make an effort, so was I. Something felt different about our relationship from the start.

These days, I still get a kick out of running my London escorts dungeon, but at the same time, I do like spending time with my boyfriend as well. I have kind of toned down my image a little bit, and I look more normal. The really dark hair has gone, and like my boyfriend says I like less like a vampire queen. Well, I am kind of still fascinated by the dark arts, but I love my boyfriend’s business. When I get a chance to have some time off from charlotte escorts, I can be found in his florist putting together unusual flower displays. I will let you in on the secret – they sell well and who would have thought that I would be good at flower arranging. Be it with a very special twist…

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