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Yes, we do see our fair share of sex addicts at London escorts. You will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of people these days who cannot stop spending money on porn movies or going round sex clubs in London, or cheap escorts who love having cheap sex in their private lives. When I first joined London escorts I thought it was a bit weird, but now I know it is just like so many other addictions. All of these activities release feel good hormones and that is what has us coming back for more and more.

Can we help it? The truth is that many people who are addicted to sex and other things cannot help it. Some of the gents that I speak to at London escorts have been addicted to sex for a long time, and it may have started when they were really young. It does not have a lot to do with the fact they date London escorts. If you like, we are just an extension of their addiction. It took me some time to appreciate that but I fully realize that now.

Do sex addicts worry me? Most of the time the sex addicts that I meet at London escorts do not worry me. I know that many girls who are new to London escorts do worry about it a bit, but they soon get used to them. It is a matter of talking to them and somehow try to fulfil their needs. Some guys have got some really strange ideas and think about sex 24/7. Most of the guys who are into stuff like cartoon porn or heavy duty porn movies. One of the guys that I date at London escorts have even built up a collection of thousands of sex toys.

Can we do anything about it? After you have been at London escorts for a while, you appreciate that some of these guys are a little bit out of hand. They are too addicted to porn and sex, and they are actually damaging their lives. I keep telling my friends at London escorts not to get too involved. It is not easy to detach yourself from these people, but you have to appreciate that many of them actually need professional help.

I do try to calm some of these people down, but there is precious little I or any other girl at London escorts can do. Yes, there are some self-help books out there, but most of the time I recommend them to see a sex therapist or counselor. There are several of those in London and many of them are very good. They are professional at their jobs and they can help gents, and ladies, who suffer from sex addiction. It is a bit of a minefield. I am sure many London escorts understand how these people feel, but helping them is something totally different. I think it takes a trained person to help and get a sex addict’s urges under control. It is not something you should try as a London escort.

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